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In the language of the bloom (2021)

flute, cello, piano, percussion (also available in open instrumentation for 4 players)

This piece was written with reverence for the native inhabitants and environments among our lives. No matter where we are on the earth, we mutually reside within nature’s vicinity. Yet, we sometimes overlook such a connection to the flora and fauna and get unmindful of experiencing the beauty that quietly grows, blooms, and withers. In the language of the bloom (2021) revolves around the idea of fostering and celebrating a harmonious relationship with nature. Prior to playing the piece, each performer has been invited to seek a wildflower and to be in dialogue with it by observing and meditating with its presence. Through musical improvisation, the performers imagine their ways to embody individual collected plants. The performance engages in the energies of the collective plants through the sonic expression of the color, shape, aura, and other imaginative qualities of the flowers. ​

This piece was commissioned by the Kinds of Kings as a 2020 Bouman Composer Fellow and premiered by the Rubiks Collective at the Melbourne Recital Centre in Australia on April 29, 2021. 

Seven colorful dried flowers displayed on a wooden board

[Image description: Seven different dried flowers on a wooden board on a concert stage.]

[0:00 - 10:35] Radio broadcast of In the language of the bloom (2021) on Resonance FM Gwaith Swn's Sonic Darts radio show in London, UK. 

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