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Wings vibrate<共鳴>


solo cello with audio-visual fixed media

Chamber  ​​Electronics

Image by Markus Spiske

In a flock (2023)

soundscape composition

Digital media


Tuning to the open air - Thurston Pond Soundwalk (2022)

participatory listening & soundmaking

Interdisciplinary  Chamber


Screenshot 2023-03-05 at 9.38_edited.jpg

Scope of Senses (2022)

flute, double bass


Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 9.57.15 PM.png

Orbital <環>


soundscape composition

Digital media


Sonic Habitat (ongoing)

listening score project



Falling (2022)

audiovisual collaboration project, participatory listening


Image by Ian Hutchinson
An ensemble of musicians playing in front of a projection screen showing an image of the sky

Deep Beneath the Feet


sop (alto) saxophone, tenor trombone, tuba, guitar, perc., fixed media


Text score of the sound poetry "sss ko mmmm"

sss ko mmmm (2021)

sound poetry


Black moon print on semicircle paper with a handwritten label "tele-art: Moon Greeting"

Tele-art: Moon Greeting




A woman capering with red fabric among trees
A female musician sitting down and playing the melodica in outdoor nature

Rippling walls of cells 


solo melodica


Five musicians are standing and performing in a scattered position in front of a pond at a park

Breathe with the Wind


outdoor sound installation

& sound ceremony

Chamber Interdisciplinary

Seven colorful dried flowers displayed on a wooden board

In the language of the bloom (2021)

flute, cello, piano, percussion


Rippling waters of the river
Asian woman holding a handheld mirror toward the camera, and the mirror reflects a Caucasian woman.

bits of self, at once,

in fragments (2021)

Zoom-specific live performance & digital media for two performers ​

Vocal  Interdisciplinary

Digital media 

A male cellist performing in a chair

Elapsed (2020)
solo cello, fixed media
Chamber  Electronics



Time Gradient (2020)
wind chimes, voice, clocks (fixed-media)
Digital media  Electronics


A postcard labeled "A PIECE FOR TWO TREES ON THE EARTH" with a rectangular hole in the middle framing a tree

Piece for two trees on earth (2020)

digital media for voice and soprano saxophone
Digital media 

Breath-stream (2020) *external link
interactive website digital media
Digital media

An handwritten instruction paper with two pieces of green paper with QR codes connected by string

Bridge (2020)

fixed media (processing of voice and piano)

Digital media  Vocal

Untitled 2.webp

CrOsS-sEcTiOn (2020)

soprano saxophone, voice, fixed-media electronics
Chamber  Electronics 

Vocal  Interdisciplinary


STAKES (2019)
six dancers with flute, tenor saxophone, cello, fixed-media electronics
Chamber  Interdisciplinary


A female singer and a male violinist in black attire standing on a concert hall stage
Train Crossing Bridge

Peals of Engine (2019)
wind ensemble


Car Outline

Mute the Motion (2019)
fixed-media electronics

A crack filled with golden lacquer

glistening ray ["kintsugi"] (2019)
string quartet 


An ensemble of musicians applauding a female bowing at a concert

How the Sky Holds the Sun (2018)
flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, cello

Water Drops

For each ecstatic instant (2017)
soprano, clarinet, piano
Chamber  Vocal


A rural landscape of mountain and field

Music Once Again

mezzo-soprano, flute, piano
Chamber  Vocal


Piano keyboard

On the breath (2019)
fixed-media electronics


An ensemble of 7 musicians and a conductor on concert hall stage

Water Silhouette

flute, contrabass recorder, percussion, violin, cello, voice/electronics
Chamber  Vocal  Electronics


A cloud of blue smoke with a grid background

Sound Momentum


fixed-media electronics



Pocket Watch
The tip of a pencil in close-up that has written a Chinese character 雨

Noise of Raindrops

fixed-media electronics
Vocal  Digital media 


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