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The Phrases of the Moon (2019)

Mezzo-soprano, Violin

Text by Andrew Joron, The Phrases of the Moon (2016)

3-movement work

I. Full Moon, Half Moon

II. Crescent

III. New

The piece explores the timbre of voice and violin in three movements, as the sung text narrates four stages of the moon from a poem by Andrew Joron. The two instruments sometimes emerge as one timbre but often move in canon or in two distinct musical lines, as some of these melodic motives get passed onto one another throughout each movement. The transformational relationship of the voice and violin in its timbre and melodic lines portrays the different appearances of the moon in nature, and how it evokes different atmospheres in the sky above us.

Performance of Movements II & III on June 2, 2019 at UC Irvine, CA

Blake Harrison-Lane, Violin

Akari Komura, Mezzo-Soprano

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