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How the Sky Holds the Sun (2018)

Flute (Piccolo), Clarinet (Bass Clarinet), Violin, Cello, Percussion, Piano

How the Sky Holds the Sun explores different faces of the sun and the ways we experience it. It uses three musical materials which derive from the same musical concept: tritone-related dominant seventh chords and tritone intervals. While the three materials originate from this same concept, each speaks a distinct character to capture different images of the sun. The piece opens with feather-like sun rays which were inspired by the sunlight filtered through the tree leaves. Then, it moves on to the lively spirit of the sun’s radiance. As musical dialogue between these two characters passes on, the flaming gust and fiery nature of the sun disjunctively slips in. The ending forms into rapture and holistic energy about the sun, spinning out of all three musical moods.

Premiered on July 7, 2018 at Atlantic Music Festival, ME

Dean Whiteside, Conductor
Emma Resmini, Flute(doubling Piccolo)
Jarrett Hoffman, Bb Clarinet(doubling Bass Clarinet)
Anat Kardontchik, Violin
Georgia Bourderionnet, Cello
Zachary Webb, Percussion
Peng-Chian Chen, Piano

Second performance on January 30, 2024 at Conrad Prebys Concert Hall, UC San Diego

To watch:

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