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Bridge (2020)

Mail-art/listening score for a solo listener

The work was created in response to Kate Gorman's Mail Art which is a vintage postcard of the spiral bridges at the Black Hills in South Dakota. A detailed pattern of small holes is created in the postcard to let the light pass. The musical concept addresses itself to the spiral bridge's architectural structure where this unique design allows for vehicles to travel sudden steep geographical elevations. The sonic experience reflects such a succession of winding roads through the hovering of sound between the two devices and the repetitive form. In the compositional process, melodic lines sung by the vocal part directly originate from the pattern of holes on the postcard where specific pitches are methodically assigned to particular formations of the holes patterns and six sets of melodic lines emerged out of the process.

An handwritten instruction paper with two pieces of green paper with QR codes connected by string

Image description: an open letter with a handwritten instruction note and two square sheets of green print paper with QR codes connected by string. 

Digital version
Text score of "Bridge"
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