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back and forth, a trail of time (2023)

flute, clarinet, violin, cello,  double bass, prepared piano, percussion, field recording

note to listeners & players:


restoring force of time.
a squeaky swing set wrinkles the air,
back and forth,
kneading the clay of time.
pendulous branches sway in a field of avian calls, back and forth,
tailing after a trail of time, back and forth.

Video recording available:

[59:40 - 1:12:00]

Premiered on December 8, 2023

UC San Diego Conrad Prebys Concert Hall

Anita Chandavarkar, flute
Grace Talaski, clarinet
Tommy Dougherty, violin
Robbie Bui, cello
Andrew Crapitto, bass
Camilo Zamudio, percussion
Mitchell Carlstrom, prepared piano
Steven Schick, conductor

Click HERE to view the score; please contact via email to acquire a copy of the score and parts for performance and/or score analysis.

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