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Works - Vocal

bits of self, at once, in fragments (2021)

Zoom-specific live performance & digital media for two performers 

Vocal  Digital media

Time Gradient (2020)

fixed media (processing of wind chimes, voice, clocks)

Electronics  Digital media  Vocal 

CrOsS-sEcTiOn (2020)

soprano saxophone, voice, fixed-media electronics

Chamber  Vocal  Electronics

The Phrases of the Moon (2019)

voice, violin

Chamber  Vocal

Music Once Again (2018)

mezzo-soprano, flute, piano

Chamber  Vocal

Water Silhouette (2018)

flute, contrabass recorder, percussion, violin, cello, voice/electronics

Chamber  Vocal  Electronics

For each ecstatic instant (2017)

soprano, clarinet, piano

Chamber  Vocal

Noise of Raindrops (2017)

fixed-media electronics

Vocal  Electronics  Digital media 

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