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Scope of Senses (2022)
flute, double bass

Sounds can store and evoke memories of places. It is the act of listening that extends across the environment composite of sonic phenomena. Our ears subjectively perceive sonic impressions and develop subjective associations. Conversely, our bodies can store and embody sonic memories. In particular, the bodies of musicians assimilate corporeal memories through sonic expression. Multitudes of physiological and psychological phenomena are rendered to fabricate a microcosmic soundscape through the act of soundmaking. The piece derives from the intersubjectivity in the listening and soundmaking bodies. There is an intuitive subjectivity in our attention to sound and its embodiment. The piece originates from an idea of reflexive attention to sonic events in the immediate soundscape and reflexive response by re-enacting them in a performative context. In other words, the piece explores the idea of releasing sounds from their original spatial and temporal associations and freeing them up to many sonic possibilities in a performative microcosm of soundscape. The score invites the players to be observant and attentive with their kinetic motions in playing the instruments. It poses a process-oriented approach to soundmaking where the sonic results are a culmination of body intuition, choreographed movements, and intersubjective perception of listening. 

Premiered on January 13, 2023, at UC San Diego Conrad Prebys Concert Hall

Anita Chandavarkar, Flute

Andrew Crapitto, Double Bass

Click HERE to view score; please contact for a copy to perform and/or to analyze

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