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Mute the Motion (2019)
Fixed media electronics

I collected all my samples inside of a parked still car, and they include fastening/unfastening of the seatbelts, inserting the key, knocking on the window, parking brake, and rain hitting on the roof. After categorizing them, the artistic approach arose from my interest in trying to produce organic human-like in contrast to the sound resource, a car, which is a lifeless machine made out of metals and an engine. 

The work starts out with mechanical noises and slowly transforms into a heartbeat-like sound. I tried to capture a feeling of being inside a womb from around 0’40”, which then shifts into an ocean-like sound where the watery timbre gradually connects to the actual rain sound on the car roof. The sharp automation of the bandpass at the end function to bring a sense of cars passing by swiftly, evoking them as the sound source of this entire piece.

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