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glistening ray <金継ぎ> (2019)

String quartet

“Kintsugi” is a traditional Japanese craftsman technique that intends to repair broken pottery with golden lacquer by mending the broken pieces. The philosophy behind this artistry has a deeper connection to the Japanese aesthetics of embracing imperfection as a part of wabi-sabi. Instead of masking the defect or trying to remodel it back to the original form, the golden seam of lacquer rather highlights the “scar” as a part of a life event. This string quartet work, glistening ray, was inspired by such beauty of embracing the flaw into a transformed new artwork. Through the music, the piece expresses the progress of creation, flaw, and restoration with the timbre explorations of strings. 

Premiere performance by FLUX Quartet at soundSCAPE Festival 2019 in Cesena, Italy

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