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breathe with the wind - virtual immersion

ten musicians with a dancer, text prompts for audience

This work emanated from an earlier project, Breath with the Wind (2021), as a second iteration for virtual performance as part of The Regenerate! Orchestra virtual concert series organized by Clay Gonzalez. The piece seeks the ultimate dimension of intimacy with the earth. The piece invites both the listeners and performers to find awareness and build closer relations to the surrounding natural world. Originally premiered as an outdoor sound ceremony and installation, this virtual iteration integrates a dancer to embody the elements along with the musicians’ sonic embodiment. The air element is particularly symbolic to the work through the perception of winds enfolding our inhaled and exhaled breaths as a collective air. 

Score excerpt:

Score excerpt of "Breathe with the Wind"


Justine Sedky & Peter Formanek, Flutes
Neal Anderson & Zara Teicher, Brass
Eric Schweitzer & Kaleigh Wilder, Saxophones
Ben Willis & Betsy Soukup, Basses
Jon Taylor & Cory TripathyDrums
J. Clay Gonzalez, Director
Stuart Dobson & Luke Atzinger, Video
Luke Atzinger, Audio
Shannon Nulf, Dance

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